Hungry Hungry Hobo!

I got this gamemode concept while playing TTT with a guy named “Hungry Hungry Hobo”

Hungry Hungry Hobo is Hungry.

In this gamemode you are a hobo in the first ever Dark RP server… After the Melon Market crashed ,and made way for the Gun Market your local Melon Farm goes bankrupt ,and your forced too live on the street eating whatever is edible.

One day you noticed something though… Players are throwing food on the streets. You have a problem though. The mayor is corrupt ,and has forced all the bankrupt melon farmers to the sewer! With this he has hired a patrol force which knocks hobo(s) unconscious when they attempt to come above ground ,and drag them back to the sewers.

In this you organize a group… The Hobo Resistance Union(HRU). Something has happened though. Another Hobo group has appeared on the streets of Downtown. The Melon Colonials. (MC) both groups are fight fiercely to gather enough food to make a big enough supply to take back the town ,and bring down the gun market.

You must come to the streets ,and fight the enemy hobos while avoiding the police force! Using only Shoes,Bug Bait,and Rocks you must beat the other hobos ,and get enough food to take down the corrupt mayor!

**Game Mechanic:

[li]Two Different Sewer Entrances… Two Different Hobo Unions.[/li][li]Both Hobo groups must gain food around the town ,and at the same time defend themselves against hobos,cops,and greedy players.[/li][li]After one team gets a good enough food supply they can directly attack the other Hobo’s sewer.[/li][li]If both unions have full food supplies they can fight it out on the street ,and attack the patrol force. After five minutes of fighting the civil protection will be pulled back into the CP Station ,and the round will go into sudden death.[/li][li]The Hobo Unions must kill each others Hobo Unions by destroying each others sewer base with a makeshift explosive melon.[/li][li]After one Hobo Union remains left they will have to take down the CP Station by tossing all form of attacks at it while dodging bullets from machine gun post on the windows.[/li][li]After the fall of the building the game is over ,and teams are randomized.[/li][/ul]

**Food Types!

[li]Old Chinese Food[/li][li]Broken Melon[/li][li]Half Eaten Burger[/li][li]Stale Bread[/li][li]Soda[/li][li]Stale Doughnut[/li][li]Rotten Milk[/li][/ul]

**What’s a full food load?

**Fifty Pieces of Food.


[li]Old Boot[/li][li]Rock[/li][li]Explosive Melon[/li][li]Doughnut(Attracts Cops)[/li][li]Bird Seed(Attracts seagulls to union food supplies)[/li][li]Sticks[/li][/ul]

Defense Upgrades?

[li]Cardboard Armour[/li][li]War Vet Kevlar[/li][li]Aluminum Foil(Blinds enemies who directly stare at you)[/li][/ul]

Thanks to anyone who thinks about making this!

King hobo looks like this.

Special power of ripping up black people.

Sounds like it could be a fun game mode, nice idea!

Thank you :3

This would be an amazing game mode if it was made. I couldn’t stop laughing as I read the food, weapons, and defense upgrades.

Something like this was made for the fretta contest. I think it’s called feeding frenzy or something…