Hunt At The Dusk

Damn, these wolves from DA so hard to pose (small assholes).

hm, nice

Wow! i like this


Nicely done.


In spawn menu it called “wolf”.

The rim lighting is a bit silly and makes no sense. The posing is pretty stiff and wonky too.

Nice work overall though.

This isn’t your fault, but damn those dog models are horrible. The one on the giant’s arm looks like a human humping his elbow, and the one on the right has front paws that look nothing like a dog’s paws should.

Anyway, the picture is pretty nice. I think the rocks detract (quality wise) from the picture, though, as the texture on everything else is so sharp, but the rocks are low resolution and blocky.

I guess wolves prefer the arm while dogs prefer the leg.

Whoops, I see a wolf humping the ogre’s left leg. Never mind.