Hunt-[Help requested]

A Gmod PVE
The basic idea of the Hunt Gamemode would be to make a Player Versus Enviroment (PVE) that can be played multiplayer. Based on the same idea as Underdone, several NPC’s would spawn, and you would kill them, for money, EXP towards leveling up, or quests.
Leveling up
Leveling up can be attained several ways. Perhaps, killing monsters, completing quests, or using skills. As you level up, you can gain skill points, as in underdone, I believe.
Perks may also be available, if implemented.
Skills affect the direct gameplay, and might include:
Strength - Adds % damage to attacks
Agility - How fast you run
Dexterity - % chance to dodge or evade
Vitality - adds x health points
And so on, and so forth. Could be more skills, It depends.
Weapons will be available to people by shop, crafting, or drop from monsters.
Some of the following would be included:
Musket - Higher damage, slower reloads
Bows - Faster reload, lower damage
Melee - Close range, Medium to high damage
Bomb - Very High damage, one time use, affects an area
And that’s all for now.
Professions are things that you specialize in. Such as:
Crafting - Craft higher quality items, increasing value and damage
Cooking - Allows you to use meat found on creatures, and gives more health per food
Tracking - Lets you find animals you are looking for with some trails only visible to people with this
*Leatherworking - Makes better clothes, clothes become customizable
These are available to anyone, but become better as you increase it.
The hard part. Can use hl2 but i would prefer if we can make some custom models for these as well.
Creatures could include:
Help make this
I am very horrible at Lua and all coding, but i could manage if I tried.
Looking for any available helpers on this. If you are good at something, speak up!
This gamemode would suck if half of that stuff was missing. I already have me and 3 friends on the project.
Anyone who contributes (Logos, Models, Maps, etc.) would be compensated in-game - EXP, Money, Items, Other.
Suggestions needed
Suggestions are required for a good gamemode. Request something and
It could be implemented. Also, tell me if you think this is a good idea or not. + More weapons ?

Netsurfer’s Underdone fix still has one major bug where the camera is created before the actual player character, resulting in the character being invisible for the player until first death. If you want third person, you’ll need to wait for 158/whatever the next patch number is.