This is an experiment in both scenebuilding and using the different photoshop tools. Hope this is a good transition.

C&C please!

Edit: Almost forgot the scenebuild!

It’s a bit blurry, especially the hunter (and by that I mean the monster… oh relativity you so crazeh) but I quite like this. The interesting models make it special.

Great use of the Barioth.

absence of pupils makes this guy look like he (or it?) is in nirvana or something
But really,that looks…unusual

great scenebuild you just showed yourself that even with the most simple map you can do great pics

Good build, nice lighting and great shading on the grass.

If you don’t want to be a lame ass you don’t do scenebuilds in maps already filled with scenery.

yes u do

Awesome, great editing, although geographically, the Barioth belongs in Snowy locales :smug:

It’s not exactly a scenebuild if most of the stuff is there already.
Or what’s the difference between a scenebuild and a regular pose then? Why do you think it’s called a scenebuild? I’ve always thought it’s supposedly because you build it from the scratch.

Yeah, good mornin’

Nice to hit that reply button instead of edit once in a while.

Now this you can rate dumb.