hunter altair

someone can made a reskin of the huner like altair suit

Imagines the Hunter model being replaced with the Altair model

Mmmm…That’d be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

luois attaked by an assasin?!

Seems better to get this than to wait for someone to port the acual model from Assassin’s creed.

we already have the assasin’s creed model.

you not understood i tink a reskin of the hunter not a replacemant

Altair’s already been ported and released, though.

Yeah but…A replacement would be way better, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh my god its finally happened!!!

IF someone rigged altair to hunter’s skeleton and gave him hunter animations it would happen.

Oh shit I thought he meant the Episode 2 hunter.

yes i tink replace lilwasa altair skeltron with the valve one

That isen’t even rigged

It is rigged, but not to a normal valve skeleton.