Hunter Blackroom posing on gm_construct

Nothing special just a shading test out of boredom during my ban.
C&C please.

Did you fix the shadows inside his hood? If not, you need to. If so, you still need to.

I tried to adjust them a bit but holy shit you reply fast.

I’m always fast :smug:


Oh wait

That’s awesome…
Like a woman in bed :smug:

This thread is now about beds


The picture guys

Loverly lighting.

Cheers Joazzz

Seems okay to me, but I do wish you’d try something bigger in scale and epicness.

Well I really would like to do something bigger but im worried that I might fuck up shading,lighting ,etc… and than I wasted so much time on a fail picture.
Thats why im doing lots of training poses right now.