I’m trying to spawn an npc_helicopter that will behave the way it should (attack the player, move around etc.). When I spawn one, it doesn’t move (which is fine, I know it needs path_tracks to navigate) and it doesn’t fire its weapon at all. I’ve tried using the console to give it inputs but the only inputs it responds to are the various dropbomb inputs. It DOES appear to dislike me, as whenever I’m near it it points its gun at me a turns to face me (but never shoots).

I’ve tried: GunOn, MissileOn, StartDefaultBehavior, StartBullrushBehavior, StartSprinkleBehavior, EnableDeadlyShooting, StartNormalShooting and StartContinuousShooting.

What’s the deal? Anyone have experience with these things?

I think valve released all their vmf’s somewhere. You could go check the source map for the canal map in hl2 and see how they made it.

Oh neat.

So I (already have GCFScape so I) extracted the canals maps from hl2, and they’re in BSP format. Them I downloaded something called VMex which converted them to VMF format. Now what do I do? How can I look at the scripts in these maps?

Source NPCs suck:

There’s your fix.

Thanks for the help. I sort of fixed the problem myself though. Turns out the helicopter NEEDS a trackpath or else it won’t use its gun. As soon as I gave it a set of path_tracks to follow, it started working fine. This should be something that should be in the Valve Dev Community because it’s not intuitive and it would save other people time. Unfortunately though, the VDC doesn’t appear to be edit-able.

In fact, since I used the EnableDeadlyShooting input, I couldn’t escape the damn thing when I was testing it XD

Oh yea, the NPCs are fucking retarded accurate.