Hunter discovers something new or "Left 4 Fantasy I"

Tried to make some new not generic shism.
C&C please.
Something aint right about the picture but I cant figure out what. Also thank you Chesty for the lighting tutorial <3.

I’m not a big fan of the strange, blurry outlines you give your characters. Shading is nice though.

The fire doesn’t really look much like fire… but maybeh it is magic fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Chesty :keke:
So thats what was wrong with it, next pic wont have the outlines blurred. Only the character.
I never liked my blur but coudlnt figure out whats wrong with it.

Looks like a graphic novel,artsy’ed.

Thanks Dragoshi :smile:


Nice picture though, I liek the feel to it :buddy:

Lol you commented on it. I think he means the shading and highlighting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chesty made a light tutorial which helped me to not overdo the shadows again.

The Firey shit on his hand looks awesome, and the shading on the face is cool man.
Looks nice :smiley:

But IMO that if the fire produces enought light to create a shadow for the Hunter’s arm, the glow of it should be more intense.(The lights should be less whiteish and more yellowish).

Oh okay, I thought you were keeping something from us Chesty :allears:

GLaD to hear that your not :3:

Thx Santz :keke:

unfortunately zombies are made of oil

also I rated you artistic

I realized that too.


Thanks for commenting.
Even if its only 1 word :smug:

I like the fire.
Hunter=Black Mage, Boomer=Blue Mage, Tank=Warrior, Witch=Summon, Smoker=Thief.
Do I hear a comic/theme of screenshots developing?

Maybe :smug:
Thanks for commenting.