Hunter Fight - Rowdy Infected with nothing to do.

Yet another Left 4 Dead request. This time, the person wanted to see an image in Gmod based off one of their own drawings;

My take on it is in noway identical, but it follows a similar path;


Majority of editing was mostly blurring. Might have gone a little overboard with the radial blur, but I wanted to capture the speed at which the Hunter is pouncing.

The motion-blur is too sharp but, other than that, nice picture.

You should use regular, single-direction motion-blur instead. It’s more detailed and realistic than just slapping on radial blur. You just have to think carefully about which direction body parts are moving.

I usually do use regular motion blur, but wanted to try something different. Probably should have toned down the radial blur, heh.
Thanks though!

I lol’d hard at the “original drawing” .

Some people really think they have enough skills to put their drawings on the internet :V

About your pic, i like the lighting, but i think the blur is too sharp, yeh.
The posing is quite good too.

Dunno, I probs couldn’t draw any better.
Thanks for your criticism though!

Blur is like Chesty said a bit off but again loving your images! :smiley:

Thanks dude. I’ll probs take a break from L4D images for a while cause I’m tired of posing all these Infected.

Who am I kidding, I’ll probs still do more, heh.


Another great picture by Urbanator.
Pixel Shadows suck tough.
Smokers posing is a little dumb as well.

The zombie lady on the left makes it look like the hunters are fighting over her.

Pixel shadows? And yeah, Smoker was just thrown in there. A little dumb I can deal with though. :slight_smile:
This pic isn’t as good as my last, but thanks anyway Combine!

She’s like ‘wtf’?
I was gonna have them fighting over who gets to pounce a rather perplexed Zoey. But that got scrapped to due to boneidle laziness.

I think theyre both excelent. By the way thats some freakin cool blur.

Ahaha I just read the opening post properly. The drawing made me lol.

Man, these pictures of yours always make me feel stupid for not being able to install the Left 4 Dead maps correctly. I have an entire flurry of poses coming.

The picture is really nice, the lighting, posing, etc. are all fitting to create and awesome atmosphere.

Your the first to say something good about it, heh. Thanks!

Well, this map and the airport map work fine for me, but the No Mercy street level is completely fucked.

Damn I really like this.

I lol’ed at the zombies on the back posed like this:

The picture is really nice, like 100000000000000000000000000000 times better than the drawing for sure.
Nice work Urba~

She has better pics then that. Also, thats a lot of zero’s.

I prefer the original, somehow

That’s not a lot of zeros, this is a lot of zeros!
Ahem… 10000…snore…
On topic. I like the blur, the posing it good, lol’d at the zombie chick off to the side.
Damn that new hunter! He needs to learn some respect for his elders!