Hunter from L4D as Fast Zombie

Do you think anyone could try making the Hunter from L4D a skin for the fast zombie? It would look a lot better and besides that there’s already a Hunter sounds replacement for the fast zombie, and it sounds great so I think it should look as great as it sounds. It leaps, it attacks; they’re pretty much the same thing but they look different so I think maybe they should be the same exact thing since the Hunter from L4D looks better anyway. (In my opinion) I don’t mind the headcraps but I really think a hunter would look sick as a fast zombie.

This is what it looks like… and I don’t know how to fix it but I’ve made it this far. Surely someone can help? Or maybe tell me how I could fix it? if not I have the models/materials.

I’m also making a hunter SWEP… or trying to if anyone thinks thats a good idea.

You need animations.
Oh, and if it’s a replacement rename the hunter.mdl to the fastzombie.mdl name and maybe it will work. Not sure.
Or maybe the animations don’t work. I don’t know :confused:

You’d have to decompile the Hunter model and recompile it with the Fast Zombie’s bones.

How could I do that? Programs + tutorials to help me out? I got the model from if your wondering. Its the Hunter player-model.

Cannonfodder’s Modeldecompiler I guess.
Google for tutorials and download link.

and how do I get it back with the fast zombie’s bones?

Not a clue.

My source SDK doesn’t work right or something… Is there anyone else who could try to decompile/recompile with the fast zombie bones?

I think a lot of people would actually like this :l

agreed would be good tbh

I found this picture of them in Zombie Master. They replace the banshee models and it looks pretty good. I tried replacing it with the fast-zombie but apparently the bones are just similar but not the same.

EDIT: They come up invisible in garrysmod. The only one that has actually even shown up was the player-model version. So I think if someone is going to make the model with the fast-zombie bones, they should probably start with that or something.

It doesn’t work in GMOD. IF your wondering…

My god, I need that!
My source sdk works right but i’m suck a noob in source sdk. If someone can explain me how to do that i’ll do it.
Thanks in advance.