Hunter (From Spyro) Player Model

Is anyone willing to make this one player model for me (And probably the rest of the GMOD community XD), I just want Hunter on GMOD cause he’s that friggin awesome XP. So can anyone PLEASE help me with this, since I have no knowledge with the editor program or ripper program. Here are some pictures for some help,

For some reason I think you somebody else.
Well for right now I guess we should make or get the model and port it to source and worry about player models latter on.

PS. Do not speak for the entire gmod community, makes you look bad in my head for some reason and whats you steam username?

Well my login name is Polorapdragon, but my name now is Polo the Dragon, for some reason sometimes the 2nd name dosen’t work, but yea thats my Steam user

Still need someone to help me please

Wished I could help, though personally I think the Hunter model from the Legend of Spyro series would be cooler. Then again, what do I know.

Still, someone in Facepunch REALLY needs to bring the models from either/both the original Spyro games and the Legend of Spyro games into GMOD.

Seriously. Come on guys!

We don’t need only hunter, but spyro and cynder also.

Yes. I would love to pose Spyro and Cynder in GMOD and make a scene with them burning Combine or Headcrab Zombies.

Also, don’t forget about Ignitus and the other dragons.

I could rip the models myself since I have the first Legend of Spyro game (with an adult Cynder) but I dunno how to do it. And even if I did, I would still need someone to rig it.

I only know a couple of sources that used Blender for the games, maybe it could help?

Both links are for Spyro in general!

I’ve seen and downloaded those models. Problem is that they have no textures. Would be nice if someone rigged and skin the Dawn of the Dragon models, as well as the other Legend of Spyro models since I prefer Ignitus’s model in the first two LoS games rather then the Dawn of the Dragon model.

Yea, I would really want to have both Young LoS Spyro and DOTD Spyro, this is just nuts that no one even made the Spyro GMOD models yet.

Ya, while they made models from Kingdom Hearts, SSBB, and others.

I can understand SSBB, but Kingdom Hearts? Cmon, its Disney characters ffs (No offense to creator), but anyways, if they can make SSBB, they can surely make Spyro

True to that, true to that.

i dont know but who ever gonna make the models for gmod should take ignitus from the 2 first part of the legend of spyro cuz on dawn of the dragon ignitus seems to smile all the time XP

why not hunter from dawn of the dragon?

cause, imo hunter from the year of the dragon looks the best, plus he likes to skateboard

i can try to rip spyro models from dotd ds

these are not ripped from ds they stand here:
and here:



i like cynder on PS3 and 360 she look better

Same here. :biggrin:

I will now attempt to make some characters in GMOD