Hunter going to stomp Francis off a building

I tried some stuff again.
I think I fucked up the camera angle.

Don’t like the eyes the posing is fine.

Hmm didnt like them too.
I think ill delete or change them.

Pretty cool. Too blue though.

Blue clouds? Alright, whatever.

The clouds are blue?
Wont fix the is cause im not in the mood.
And I think ill go back to my dark pictures cause they are much easier.

When I saw the hunters eyes in gmod I got scared, really scared. They are two messy bloody donut things.

Nice editing them out.

So you say the eyes are bad?

I will go againts everyone saying I liked the eyes.
Nice posing, but Chesty got it right again, its too fkn blue.

I think this could be one of your best ones yet! Pretty good posing but like you said, odd camera angle.