Hunter hands skin request

Heya everyone, I have a request that i’m sure a lot of people would like to see.

Can we get a modeler to make a hand skin for the l4d2 and the l4d hunter for garrys mod? e.g. you pull out a shotgun, and you see hunter hands instead of gordon freeman’s hands?

Thanks in advance.


That’s a lot of work. I think we have trouble decompiling view models from L4D, and you’d have to decompile all of the HL2 weapon, pose the hands then rig them correctly.

Hmm, so it isn’t possible to just keep the same animations and just change the model/texture for it?

It’d be worthwhile even the long way around.

Well I did manage to decompile the L4D2 Hunter V hands from a pack I got. It required the comma trick Silver Spirit taught me. Open it in the hex program and it says something like “IDSTL” and I changed “L” to “,”. It then properly decompiled

Sadly I know nothing about modeling

if you can hand me the materials, i bet i can find someone who’ll do it.


Just outta curiocity, is there anyone here that can teach me how to do it? I can do it from there, as well as post other stuff later.

Is anyone interested in doing this? I’m trying to learn how to model.

I would like to slap a bump on this. However, I think that the chance of someone helping me is approxamately .07%, so I am going to take up modeling myself. Good day sir.


a hunter player hands would be pretty awesome

I was bluffing. But now I am not. No one wants to help? If I make it, I’m not posting it.

Not that any one really cares, a little user from no where, and chances are that you could just make it yourself, but, ah well.

i would help if i could

Woulda coulda should.

I’d take any help, just contact me through any of my various means, like email, pm, xfire or skype.

I just need to know about modelling in general. I think i’ll bother one of my other garry’s modder friends about it laters.

Well, skinning it won’t look right, because the GMod hands are made to look like the HEV gloves and forearms. It would require what ssa gib A said.

Hmmmm. That’ll help, i assume that’s the name of the gib for the arms of the hunter?

If not, wouldn’t it just be easier to steal the model and the texture from the game, then just place on top? It would take a long time to put the hands and remodel them all together again, but I’d be willing to do it. So long as my L4D sdk is working again…trying to take up modelling, staring at the screen uncomprehending.


I’ma poet, and i didn’t even know it.

No, ssa gib A is a member of the forums. He posted in this thread earlier. And you wouldn’t have to remodel the hands, but you would need to re-rig them. And the L4D SDK won’t help you with modelling, because it has no exporting options, no decompiling options, and you can’t model from it.

Does the new L4d2 SDK/Authoring tools allow that? That’d be something worth having i can see.

No. You would have to get a modelling program, and a decompiler.

I am still not even sure what a decompiler even is. Or what a compiled model is either. I know what a modeling program is, I got the free demo from XSI to do this.