Hunter is greeted by the locales


Oh, thats just the terrible edit I made to the Quarian’s mask.

I personally like it save for the quarian. Youtja’s are not very sociable.

Posing is very stiff.
Picture is tiny, but the aliasing issues are still apparent.

is it just me or he looks like a man who self inflicts wounds to himself(i don’t know how to pronounce it)

If I leave it gmod pic sized, would that be better? I shrink it so people don’t have to scroll, but if that effects the pic then I’ll just leave it normal sized.

Also, I used F5 to snapshot, and have x2 AA. I’ll see what happens when I bump it up to x4. Hopefully the PC won’t die on me.

Thats a Predator. Not a hunter.

No, thats a hunter, who is nicknamed a Predator, but is a galactic Hunter,and his alien species is Yautja.

Well then technically its nicknamed a Hunter too so either is right. Sorry, just nit-picking.
Anyways the Quarian’s mask is very distracting.

The Alien Predator looks pretty horrible.
Looks like you pasted the mask on.

Thats the model, thats how its supposed to look, and that is how it was spawned.

Just saying that the model kinda ruins the picture.
It doesnt fit in.

posing looks pretty bad and stiff
and picture is too dark