Hunter keeps "failing" a scripted sequence

So I have this hunter in this hallway, large enough for it to move through, run to a scripted sequence, play idle1, I think, and then run to another scripted sequence that is specified in the Next Script field. However, after initially noticing that after the first script it simply decided it was time to shoot me, I added outputs on both scripts so that if either script was cancelled or “cancelfailed” it would immediately begin the second script. With these applied, the stupid fucking Hunter would complete the first script and just keep making the angry pose at me repeatedly. So I figured that the sequence must be failing, so I moved the floor down, and it works, but he floats in midair while performing the script. Even when I move the floor back into position and move the sequences and ceiling up, it still fails. So the only way I’ve gotten it to work is by moving the floor down, which ruins the level a bit and makes the Hunter float in midair. I’ll get pictures of the sequence properties, just trust me when I say the area is more than large enough for the hunter to fit. Oh, and I have both the “No Interruptions” and “Override AI” flags checked for both sequences.

So, why is this happening? What would I have to do to get the Hunter to complete both sequences without floating?

perhaps you need delays or run only once?

Start over, triple check your self after you looked up at least 2 different tutorials on scripting. Also you do not want Action animation as idle1, maybe as entry animation or post action idle animation.

Well, idle1 wasn’t originally intended to be the action, it was more of a failsafe test to make sure the animation itself wasn’t screwing it up. And no offense, but I do know how to script in Hammer. Look, it works when the floor is lowered, but only then. So something about the floor height is screwing it up, but I need it at that height for, well, to be a floor, and so that the Hunter’s not floating in midair while it executes the script.

Bump for desperation


I would help you but this is all gibberish to me.

I’m not sure if it will help or not, but try using a ai_relationship to make the Hunter neutral to you, then have it revert to hating you after the script has ended?

This is just a guess, but try it anyway. I’ve never had any problems making NPCs do scripted sequences.

Have you tried looking at one of valve’s map with the hunter?

Neither have I, until now. And again, it works when the floor’s moved down, so that’s the problem. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to fix that without actually lowering the floor. Cuz you know, then part of the level starts to look stupid. And it’s more than just a few grid units, if you were wondering, there’s a significant drop needed.

:sigh: Yeah, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to decompiling a map to fix this. I don’t even have a decompiler anymore and they’re not always 100% working after decompiling. I know it’d probably be intact enough to observe the hunter animations but… well, eh, fine, I guess if no one here has any experience with this particular problem I’ll just do that. Thanks anyway.