Posing by Ilwrath, terrible editing by me. Shouldn’t have rushed it.

Yes, this does mean my tablet is working again.

The smudging around the endside of the rocket seems kind of odd. Smoke could also be a bit darker. Quite nice other than that.

I was going for heat haze from the air friction but it looked much better in my head. :sigh:

The camera angle is so cool.

Using some sort of gaussian blur or something might work better for heat-haze, maybe mixed with a ripple effect. If you’re gonna use the smudge tool for that it might work better with a larger brush on lower opacity. I’m not sure though.

Yeah the original owned, Ilwrath really outdid himself. I really want to see the results of someone actually competent editing it, though.

I can post the original + SDoF ones in the edit screenshot thread if you want.

Go ahead. :smiley:

Durgherhuguhg smudged smoke.

The smudge tool really doesn’t work for cloudier smoke like that which would be coming from a rocket. The smudge tool only really works with whispy cigarette-like smoke (and this is only if you’re really good with it.)

This is great.

Hey maaaaaaaaan I’m shooting a rpg and I’m so high at the same tiiiiiiime

RPG shot in slow motion mode…cool!!
I like how you edit smoke =)

shoulda used liquify lol

Wow, it looks awesome.

I was actually expecting some of those things from the Terminator movies:

called hunter killer

But oh well, it’s nice nevertheless. :stuck_out_tongue:

The smoke is probably the worst part of the picture, but you rushed, so I understand.