Hunter (l4d) skin on a Fast Zombie?

Could it work somehow?

Probably not due to jiggle bones etc.

The fast zombie uses Jigglebone? =/


If the hunter was re-rigged to the valve biped (which I think there is one of) and recompiled with the correct sequence SMDs yes I think it could, but it would probberly have to be totally re-rigged for the headcrab to work.

But why would the headcrab be on the hunter in the first place? =/

The fast zombie anims have the headcrab on it so you might have to have it on it for it to work, but I don’t know i haven’t tried. Otherwise you would have to re-do all the anims (which there are alot of) so they don’t have the headcrab and even then you’ll have to hope it doesn’t break it as the code references it.

Actually if you look at the bottom of a dead zombie that you didn’t blow the headcrab off of, you can see its fused to the head. The zombie models actually use that model automatically for zombie based npcs. Thats why most snpcs with zombie models don’t have the headcrab, so no the hunter shouldn’t have the headcrab but it will drop one on death.

Humm I thought that might happen, if you were to leave out the Headcrap reference (and lod) files when compiling, but i’d expect they left the bones on still to allow the animatiosn to run correctly, someone should have a go at putting fast zombie anims into a valve biped model and see what happens.

im guessing you want it for npc, heres one:

it has been reported, but i dont know why

Hey I’ve been wondering about that npc. do you have it? is it safe?

Fast zombie haves jiggle bones.

Like,the veins you see are jigglebones.

Nice bump.


Also NPC works, has right poses and shizzle, but doesnt move or hurt you.