Hunter looking at the stars...[/media]

“What those shiney things in sky?”

Also, it’d look better if there was a Witch leaning on his left shoulder.

A love picture with infected?

There’s plenty of comics with that kinda scphielen. Like that strip where Hunter rolled a piece of paper with a heart on it at a Witch.

Really cool. Get an artistic. :fuckyou:

Fuck you smiley is awesome huh? :fuckyou:

Rim-lighting looks quite good around the hood but gets worse and worse as I look down the body.

Yeah ill improve the rim lightning in my next picture.
Was my first rim lightning so sorry if it sux.

Does that mean your next picture is going to have rim-lighting too?

Don’t overdo it. Don’t create pictures just so you can add rim-lighting or add rim-lighting to pictures where it really isn’t needed.

Oh okay.
But Rim-Lightning and burn are my only ways on how to improve the pictures quality.
Can somebody tell me other methods?

Maybe create a picture that’s good enough without editing? Not every picture NEEDS editing. This pic looks good, by the way.

I want more critism this picture was a huge amount of work.

Wow, Combine.

You’ve really outdone yourself! :v:
This is really, really nice.
Rim lighting looks great!

I agree with chesty and smirnoff the rimlighting gets worse as it goes down. but the picture sort of looks empty

Yeah I know.
Didnt know what happen.
I added 2 new pictures.

I think ill practise rim lightning a lil bit cause it looks great!