Hunter On A Mission


Finger posing on Hunter is a bitch, also I know his shoes are clipping into the floor.


This makes no sense at all.

dont use non tf2 models in a tf2 map, doesn’t work like that

this is an abortion of a picture.

3 posts in and not a single dumb rating, I’m surprised

there you go.
your first dumb rating.
be happy.

I chuckled.

i really really love the concept of this

God dammit there went my sarcasmeter, you’re buyin me a new one…


name one time someone has used l4d models in tf2

oh right hasn’t happened and if it has it was highly forgettable/ignored becuase i would have seen it

this is a unique concept. deserves a compliment

Dumbstreak- 8 dumbs

Tactical Rage inbound

Im not any kind of pro poser myself, but this thing is just sooo fuucking crappy. Im sure you can do better if you want to.

This was literally done in 5 minutes

I put 0 effort into this

And why not put any effort into it?

Then why did you make a thread for it?

Made me lol. Who gives a fuck if it’s a TF2 map?


Was a bump really necessary if you were just going to post what’s already been summed up?