Hunter or Hunted? A rougue combine soldier stalks a soldier with an axe...

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Woah, nice. That’s one nasty looking Combine.

“Do you duck down under the Piss? Or do you stay up and take on the Shit?”


I think it’s a Zombine, with it’s head deflated and used a combine head and deflated the body, or I may be wrong and he made the blood, either way still badass :buddy:

Actually no, plain old combine soldier with blood effects. :slight_smile:

Applauded. Given an artistic, and I enjoyed the small read.

She has purdy eyes. :downs:

Nice picture Barnes, interesting read too.

amine models

Uberslug: c’mon, there’s nothing wrong about anime models :stuck_out_tongue:

But the name, Sakura… Seriously, you couldn’t pick a more decent Japanese name like Amaya…
The first thing that comes up in my head when I hear the name Sakura is… NARUTOOOOOOH!!~~~~…

It’s overused -_-

Anyway, good looking picture, and a nice little story :3
the color modifications are good :smiley:

Point taken, I’m still in the process of writing up early drafts for my comic, so I should probably change that. Thanks for the tip.

This picture was amazing.

Until I scrolled across.

Here’s a list over japanese baby names:

Chesty: C’mon, be constructive :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t just hate it 'couse it’s Anime.

It’s not because it’s anime I hate it. I’m not one of those people who hate it for no reason (I loved Final Fantasy VII and IX and Advent Children, and I’m sure they count as anime) but I find it incredibly difficult to take anything seriously when the main character looks like she’s made of pale clay… especially when the character behind her looks very realistic.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. But it’s still a good pic!

Holy shit, nostalgia.

Yes, and they make the face look incredibly unrealistic. May I suggest using the inflater to put an actual Asian citizen’s head on that body?

whats wrong with you people crying over the anime model

Who’s crying?

Nice Angry Video Game Nerd reference :smiley:

shit piss crap. :v:

The posing is good, and I love the edit. Good job on the combine. Messy piece of wood fer j00.

That is awesome