Hunter, or hunted?

trying out some new poses, and learning to use face poser a little bit. WIP so C&C but b nice lol.

“OK guys, KILL 'EM!..guys?..shit”

Nice try, posing is a little awkward and you need to turn AA up, keep on working on it.

Our chest are arched outward when we stand, sometimes when we sit, but trust me, when you are trying to kill something and you are on a knee, your back will be arched forward. Do it.

AA is fine, it just looks low because of the trees and the overly high res gun texture.
Posing is good, but the whole picture could use some editing and effects.

Good idea. I just can’t keep my mind off the fact that the rebel can’t really take that axe off the stump, resulting in getting severely fucked if and when the hunter gets to him.


Really bad posing, and you don’t need 70 different angles from the same thing.

I like it though the posing is bad other then that its a great scene

ok. aparently im not to good at this yet, so i was wondering if one of u profesionals could either photoshop this, or repose it altogether so i know what im doing wrong.