Hunter (original)

Can someone post the original Hunter? I got the Halo Hunter which replaced my original Hunter, and it doesn’t do anything. I miss the original hunter :frowning:

Simply remove the Halo hunter…

Tried, but like I said, it replaced the original one :frowning:

Also, can some one get the AWP thing too? The magic bullet also killed that one…

The AWP one is on addon format, isn’t it? was for me.

The AWP itself is an addon, but it’s models (which was replaced :frowning: ) were somewhere else.

Finally found all the Halo hunter files, but then when I tried using a hunter, it was a helicopter. That didn’t move. That crushed everything underneath it.



Jombix already told you how to fix it. Just delete the files. It’s not that hard.

I know I have to remove it, just idk where that helicopter came from