"Hunter. Survivor. Prey."

Rate and Comment please.

UPDATE I couldn’t resist

This is in spirit of the new AVP game coming out in January 2010. And yes, i know the editing could use some work, but that’s about the best i can do right now.





Also, i have this problem that, whenever i play GMOD10, and then i exit, it starts installing Half Life 2, HL2:EP1, HL2: EP2, HL2: LC, and Day of Defeat… Now this is really pissing me off, since i already have Source SDK and Source SDK Base installed, how can i keep this from happening?

I dont know something about your problem but!
I really like your pictures.
You maybe could make them darker!

cool pics :smiley:

How? Any tips?

Really nice poses man, get them edited and its one of the best I’ve seen.

Yeah you could have used the color mod to made it look a bit realistic.
Thats my tipp ^^

Nice pictures, I like how you keep them clean from any over-exceeding editing.
Although, the blood could be better. But overall, very nice.

Edited one of 'em for yah, like it?

I used the program Paint.net.

WOW, it seems VERY dark and it completely blocks any view of the eggs. Although, i like the blood, and it kind’ve makes it seem like it’s dark outside of the glass, and light on the inside, giving it a realistic feel to it. I mean, i would never figure out on my own how to do that, but if you could make it a tiny bit less dark, it would look much better. It’s still very good though.


Any in particular you like?

You just inspired me to make some pictures.
Also couldn’t remember that three words until I saw this thread. Thought it was something along the lines Prey. Hunter. Hunted :confused:


Also Magnusson is too goddamn awesome for hazmat suits.

Sure you can see the eggs, but whatever I’ll do my best to make it brighter.

Added blood smear :smiley: I might work on the others later.