Hunter wielding some strange rifle aiming at some guy on the ground

People should Use the Zeno Clash models more, not just the baby.

That model looks fkn weird… but weird in a good way.
I dont like the color rape the pic has but I think that it was the kind of style you wanted to achieve, and he is not aiming at the guy on the ground, he is aiming AT the ground lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Rate me agree if you thought like me that this was gonna be a pic of the L4D hunter :v:

It just looks like the gun is aiming at the ground because of the blur, I used noclip to check if the gun was aligned to the man’s body, the gun is aiming at his chest.

I was expecting the L4D hunter, or the Ep2 hunter.

Although the Episode 2 hunter would have trouble holding a gun.

What am I even looking at? Why is it so blue, blurry, saturated and contrasted?

Because it’s supposedly


Filter Rape is hurting my eyes.
Cant tell much about anything cause I cant see shit.

Reminds me of some sorta nightmare-ish theme, I like it.