Derp hunter!

Shut up it’s the New Year in 15mins.

I didnt expect that.
I want the L4D one.

It’s the new year in 15 minutes?

Try 11 hours. :v:
And you overloaded on the contrast, a little.

my new year is in 10 hours

no… 3mins till midnight… also i made it cos i was fucking round with a skin i made that went wrong.



It’s still seven and a half hour to 2010.

Time Zones!

You come from the future don’t you…
Time paradox!!!:supaburn:

In 5 hours, the end of 2009’s world.

cross your eyes

but it’s 2010 now.

Now it won’t feel as special when it’s 2010 here, seeing as other people had it first, you ruined new years eve for me :(.

Look on the brightside,

When it’s 2012, Australia will die first! :smug:

Oh god that made me cry…

Is he supposed to be cross-eyed?

Derp is eyes split into the far corner of the eye, not cross-eyed.