Hunterdnrc getting revenge

Hunter: What shall I do with him?
Bloo:What he did to me, KILL HIM!
In responce to:
More or less messing with my new skin :smiley:


Nice editing, damn thats a good revenge

I would grab that damn shotgun and blast your brain out.

You wish you would, too bad meh guards would mow you down :smiley:

Lol I would of grab that rifle and blast him away.
By the way where did you get that shotgun model?

Not sure

It’s jammed though! Oh no!

Nice. Makes me wonder if I can get in on this Custom Model Empire thing you two have going on.

You could, but wed kill you :smiley:

:v: My primary problem is that I’d take a while to make a custom skin and skins for soldier/tanks. But, I do have photoshop and a vtf. edit, so perhaps in the future.

We shall see

We’re not going to even start doing those stupid “response to other thread” pictures again. No more

The whole TF2 Universe is my Empire.

I like the cola in a wine glass thing ya go goin on.


it sucks

I rated you a box :downs:

All in all, there is nothing bad about making a picture reply. But it should stay in the original thread.