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[/SUB] Evil.jpg 1.jpg Korps.jpg Gadget.jpg and shit.jpg

And as always, a big thanks to Pvt. Jenkins, Ninja Nub, Flare, Zerax, Dubeard, -Ben_Wolfe-, The Castro, Simkas, Weenurs, Bloocobalt, Fussy!, Rossmum, Joazzz, Taggart, Ilwrath, The Vman, Fort83, Shotgunguy49, Rick_Vice, ChestyMcGee, Angry Man, BlooCobalt, Uberslug, Haxxer, Half-Dead, Bubz, Jim Riley, PMnky, Dean, Kuyler, Urbanator as well as a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Those are fucking awesome

Nick must be very happy that he’s in so many wondeful images

good job on all these

Unfortunately I can only give you one winner rating.

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And I want that Tyler the Creator model.

Too much nick 0/10 hunter you are a shameful display

keep on truckin’

Most of them are absolutely incredible. The rest are simply awesome.

Can’t rate this thread highly enough. Epic work, hunter. Truly epic.


I had to scroll so much my mouse wheel caught on fire.

aww snap! is that stubbs the zombie?!

are those bsaa guys ever going to be released?

May I please please please have a link to the BSAA? Please I really want to use them in gmod scenes.

Wow, just wow, these are all amazing. Really nice work!

I remember your poses way back from 2009. You have done nothing but improve, and show no signs of that changing. Keep up the good work Hunter.

The 16th one made me think of “The Ghost Of You” by MCR

yeah this is defo top notch stuff

they aren’t released yet. if you make consistently cool screens and you ask Bloocobalt nicely, you might just get lucky enough to test them.

I make cool scenes on gmod-I’ve waited months and months for them to be released…I’d looove to test them too…AND I’ve asked politly, though he resonded once, and this time I don’t care if the lack faceposing.


Late to this party by a long time, but goddamn, these are pretty awesome.

I had no idea people had been porting Fallout stuff; I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Time to grab it. How about the Steyr, that from CS:GO or something?