Hunterdnrc's Compilation

So, these are all of my “Good” screens, theres alot, and they are in no particular order.

*Posed by Fear57

*Poses by Fear End

Edited by Enhanced Babe :smiley:

Purty damn nice, my friend.

Most of the unedited ones are good. Unfortunately, most of the edited ones are pretty bad.

Don’t forget my cake analogy, if the pose is the cake, and the editing is the icing, bad icing can ruin a cake…

I think half of them are good, half of them are total shit. I am just going to rate you an “Optimistic”.

Good job on the good ones!

Where can I get those SPARTAN models? PM a link if you can…

What’s with the clown picture.

“Hey, we clowns with guns and bad GIMP masks”

Some of them are good, some of them are bad.

Ever heard of a movie called The Dark Knight?

I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t; it’s not popular or anything.

Yeah, I know that’s a attempt at the clowns in the movie.

But it’s still done very well done, to be honest.

Some are nice and some are a tad “iffy.” Lol @ Shaun of the Dead

Dark Knight roof one, GOOD GOD!!

I want that gasmask prop, any chance for a upload? : )

I edited one of yours, I hope you don’t mind.

I like most of them

Cool I like them. Where did you get the stalker bandits?

Oh god…I dont even think I have them anymore, search for stalker bandits :science:

Its not there anymore

Dammit I had a nice idea for a pose :confused:

Im looking for em, I know there around somewhere.

good compiliation dude :smiley:
Most of these are excelent, but as Vman says… Some are quite ruined by bad editing :-/

Look at reference images, including the gross once to get things sorted out :wink: