After seeing my ‘Smokered’ pic (, person on Deviantart requested to see a Hunter/Zoey combination (cause they are both his fav’s), soooo;


Wish I could edit my own muzzle flashes. I originally wanted Zoey firing her gun. Ah well.

Very very very very very awesome your best yet.

Thanks! I’ve got quite into this Left 4 Dead stuff.
But the time it takes to pose pics with all those Infected can consume your life.

That gun is gonna break zoeys hand off

Bill and Louis don’t seem to act like they’re being swarmed… much.

The editing and the hunter’s/zombies’ posing sure is nice, though.

Nice work. Some scratches or damage on Zoey would be cool. Posing on Louis seems a little off.

Bigger is better.

Fecking Zoey gets pounced just as soon as the crescendo begins. Their just thinking, ‘Women. Typical’.

Hmmm, that could be a good idea. I may have another look and see if I can add a little visible damage.
And with Louis…well, I wasn’t too concerned with them cause the main focus is on mr Hunter and zoey.
Thanks though!

Bad spelling, were, hmmmmmm?

Awesome as usuall :smug:
But imo its a little bit too blue.

You love blue really.
Thanks! :smiley:

Awesome! The blur is perfect!

That’s pretty fucking sweet man, absolutely love it. Your best yet.

Deagle looks big for her though, and Louis and Bill don’t seem very alert to the horde, but whatever.

you should probably motion blur after you grain the shiet.
otherwise the grain looks shit as in your edit.

The girly who requested the pic loves the Deagle, so, erm, Zoey will just have to have broken hands. :smiley:
They are kinda alert but are more shocked about Hunter. Probs should have made that more obvious. Thanks though!

Ah yeah, I did it the other way round. Fail. :frowning:

and you should also feather the edges of the motion blur.
or you’ll get sharp edges in your grain that you applied before the motion blur and the grain looks like shit.

Yeah, now you mention it, it looks really noticable now. God damn.