You apparently were expecting this weren’t you?

I was going to use a halo hunter instead of an elite but after getting EP2 it replaced my halo hunter with the EP2 hunter.

Is it just me or are your graphics low?
And yes, I was excpecting that.

How do I turn up my graphics in the first place? I’d love to know that.

Go to options, graphics and then advanced options.

Needs more Deer hunters.

was more or less exactly what I expected

Everyone was expecting this because it has been done a million times.

needs a hunting rifle XD anywaythat alien looks like he is $%^&^ing the hunter’s nuts…needs bounty hunters XD

What the fuck is wrong with 09’ers posts?
Some goddamn symbols everywhere!

LOL how random

this was what i was expecting…its been done
many times actually