Hunting Animals - Why do they not bleed out?

so we can bleed out when hit/bit/trapped.
Why I hit a deer with a Bow, it should bleed out like in RL bow hunting.

Bonus feature: have it drop a blood trail like in “How to Survive” :slight_smile:

Animals should also slow down when you injure them.

I don’t want it so much as a realistic feature, so much as I’m tired of hitting animals with a bow, then having them run out of render distance. Should just make the bow do bonus damage and kill prey animals like deer/boar instantly in my opinion.

if it makes animals bleed out watch people hit and run, killing an animal with only one strike

It should be realistic. When hunting, if I injure an animal, it will eventually bleed out and is a bit slower but still fast enough to lose me. There is however a blood trail.

The animal should flinch (already in), then begin to bleed out at a speed consistent with the weapon used.

Arrows cause a slower bleed but slow the animal more.

Guns cause a larger exit wound and more internal bleeding causing the animal to bleed out faster, but the wound may not slow the animal very much.

Wolves should flee when hit, attack when cornered and injured, bears should be damn hard to kill and take much longer to bleed out. They do not flee however. Injured bears are extremely dangerous.

I agree highly that the animals should bleed out and be slowed.

Typically you bow them and they start to run, if you bow them quickly enough after first hit you can finish them off. I have even shot them just as they disappear and registered a kill because I aimed at where I expected them to run to. You have to be quick with the bow. Same against Newmans. The good bowman are fast and give you no time to react before you are lying in the sand begging to be rescued (I mean finished off).

I think we can already agree that Rust (any/all games really) aren’t realistic to begin with; adding bleed time on animals doesn’t really add anything to gameplay other than just adding time to gather resources.

Also, that post suggests to me that you either: A.) Unknowledgable about actual hunting and are talking out your ass about killing animals . B.) Are just suggesting things for gameplay balance (which I hope you are).If it was realistic, they’d have to really mess with hitboxes as to what kills instantly and what doesn’t. Realistically, an animal with an arrow will yes, leave a blood trail, but if you wanted to actually be realistic, a firearm trumps a bow any time for killing potential. Bullets create far more shock than an arrow does, and any clean shot made will most likely drop them on the spot. Likewise, you can drop an animal with an arrow within 10 yards with a clean shot through the heart and both lungs using a larger, or expandable broadhead. But gutshotting an animal they can live for days before dying. Quite simply put, a realistic version brings in far too many variables, and doesn’t really change/add to gameplay. Features should expand on adding, varying and enriching gameplay instead of focusing on realism. Though I am sad to admit, realistic hunting features have no place in video games, because quite frankly, it’s not fun, or the nearly the same as the real experience.

Bleeding out is maybe not he mechanism we’re looking for, but rather blood loss over time. An animal that is not killed outright should move progressively slower over time due to blood loss. The animal should not be able to run at full tilt for the whole time when losing blood. It may start out full speed, but slow down over time.
A blood trail would be a nice bonus.

Hitboxes for lungs and heart would be a nice addition, especially the hart. I think anybody that has the skill, which I don’t :frowning: , or dumb luck to hit an animal in the hart with a bow deserves an instant kill.

Really? talking out my ass? you know nothing about me. yes hunting for most of my life, grew up in the northern part of Canada with bears at my door and moose in the backyard. killed with gun/bow/traps/snares my share of animals.

your points are good and in most cases I agree with the process of death based on weapon and location of hit. I am not asking for real-life or life like, I am asking for a concept of bleeding out since we already have it for characters who get hit by animals or traps. if we have a wounded/bleed phase so should the animals.

if I remember correctly Legacy Rust had what some call “Bones” that was a number of points on the body already identified so if hit a person/animal at a head “Bone” location you would get a 1-shot, a torso or leg would do something else. it should not be difficult as the code seems there for characters.

I am good with a bow (even in this game) I can run, stop and in a lot of cases take down a wolf/boar/deer with 1 shot.

Just saying bleeding out and a speed reduction depending on what you hit would be nice.

let’s put it this way. from my perspective, it makes sense for animals to suffer from a bleeding modifier under the same circumstances a player suffers from the bleeding modifier. so if you do enough damage, they might bleed to death, and if you don’t, there’s a spurt and nothing more.

not too fussed about blood trails unless they are implemented for everything that bleeds. and i agree they should (if they don’t already) have high threat zones that deal extra damage, such as the head, where the heart is, or where the lungs are.

but this talk about realism, and “i know hunting and you don’t” just seems like a dick sizing contest, and is beside the point.

My Dick is 60 pixels bigger then yours :slight_smile:

yes bleeding out,
Cool feature if there is a blood trail - but that is a nice (IMO).

If you actually are y0himba, I was actually going to say I retract my statement last night, but I was already going to sleep lol. I checked out your Youtube, website, etc., to see if you actually did outdoors things; pretty neat that you really do. You have to understand though, I’m used to hearing the same shit from 500 people who claim that they hunt or know anything about it, when only 6% of the world does it anymore, then I listen to their stories about how they stalked a deer in a field and killed it with a throwing knife at 40 yards or some other ridiculous shit lol. Please don’t take it personally.

As for you mrknifey, it isn’t so much a dick-sizing contest (I could honestly care less), so much as it being a personal pet peeve when I hear people make up stories everywhere, and they’ve never so much stepped foot outside of a city. I wish more people actually had an interest in hunting, considering it’s a dying sport, and less education is given to actually teaching children about the environment and outdoors, and more of it is dedicated to shoving crap down their throats for animal rights, among other things. It bothers me when people claim to know/do things they really don’t; no reason to do it, yet they’re always up to it, lol.

However, on topic, I still stand by my point that while it is interesting, I don’t really think it would add much to the game. The point of killing an animal in Rust is simply to gather resources and be done with it as fast as you can so you can make things to kill other players; I just don’t really feel like it has a place in the game.

It would be cool if they took area specific damage. My friend shot a deer when we were hunting once and hit it in the spine. It couldn’t move it’s back legs but managed to drag itself a little ways. Eventually it tired out and just sat there.

Another time I shot one through the upper foreleg, smashed it’s shoulder blade, and it limped about 100 feet before collapsing from internal bleeding.

Hitting spines, hearts, and heads to drop the animal quickly would be a cool feature. Any other place would cause it to run and bleed out like you said.

So. Basicaly what you all want is easier hunting. I understand its little bit frustrating losing 3 deers in a row after hitting them once. Although they are usualy not moving and its not that hard to kill them with 1 arrow in a head. This makes the hunting at least some sort of challenge and not just dumb gathering such as chopping wood or mining.

not so much easier hunting, but for me the chance that animal i have hit enough that once more and it will die won’t just run away unhampered through a rock and into the distance:) i’d like the chance to be surprised by it falling down from blood loss:)

Not really easier. The animal still has a chance of getting away before it bleeds out when using bow/arrow. You need to track it or follow it, leaving yourself open to attack from other players jacking your kill, or if the animal dies after you lose it, another player can benefit or it can be eaten by a wolf or bear, which is already in place.

Yes, those are my videos you saw on Youtube. I am an avid hunter during bow season, and my sons hunt during rifle season. I hunt with a 6 ft. Cherokee Longbow hand made by my Father. It is made of Bodark, or bow wood from the horse apple tree. The diamond of hardwoods.

That sounds reasonable, especialy after hit with spear.

Nice, got into archery recently. I’m currently using a PSE Surge as a starter bow; I got my first deer with a bow last year. He came right into 18 yards for me, so it was a pretty easy shot. Nice little 4x4 buck; got to make steaks/sausages out of him. I’ve done a lot of small game hunting since I was about 10 or so (no one in my family hunts, so started going with a friend), and turkey hunting. I always wanted to do deer hunting before that, but it feels too unfair if you were to use a rifle. I figure once I have more settled living situation I want to try to get into traditional archery more. I want to take the time and learn instinctive shooting over gap if I can. Must be pretty awesome to own a bow made by your father; that’s a great sentimental and useful tool. Always nice to find a fellow hunter around; again, sorry I thought you weren’t. Hard to tell real people apart from those who are just looking up information and spouting it pretending that they know things sometimes.

Animals bleeding out would be nice, but not necessary if they could just fix the other issues with them. They weren’t terribly hard to kill before, but now they’ve gotten rather difficult.

Right now, you wound a pig or deer, it ignites its ass rockets and takes off at near warp speed through the nearest large rock and quickly moves out of render range, never to be seen again unless you get it to run towards the ocean. Animals need to be obstructed by rocks, and their render distance reverted back to what it used to be.

On the dev branch animals are everywhere. If anyone has trouble getting cloth after the update then they deserve to die naked and starving. I find myself just making extra clothes I have so much.

Oh, and I don’t want it to be easier to hunt animals. Just more realistic. I’ve never had problems getting animals when they’re around.