Hunting Bow & Arrows

If you have more than 1 stack of arrows in your inventory and shoot the Hunting Bow it takes away an arrow from all the stacks… but only does the damage of 1 arrow. Please fix this.

Oh nice catch

Has it been doing this for a while? I noticed that all my stacks decrease… but I figured it was just taking one from this stack, and then one from that stack etc…

Either way… yeah needs to get fixed.

I thought this was the case aswell?

Are you guys sure about this?

Bow’s shouldn’t be able to reload while sprinting

Then you obviously know very little about utilizing bows. First of all, you do not “…reload…” a bow, but instead, you notch an arrow. Secondly, if I am able to let loose an arrow while on horseback, I most assuredly would be able to draw my arrow back while running with a homemade shortbow, even one made with stiffened wood.

If we are talking about bows. Is it just me, after update?

It appears its been fixed…