Hunting bow


escuse mua?

Do you mean one of these?


He is trying to talk you want a English Longbow in rust, a more worked bow and well done, good idea

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Would rather see a hobbled together composite recurve or compound bow.

Don’t mess with the hunting bow too much. Although it lacks the zoom / silencer / range / aimability of other weapons, it’s an excellent and often-ignored early-game weapon. Armor notwithstanding anyone with a bow can cause a whole mess of headaches.

yes !

I would rather want to see compound one. like something with power of a crossbow, and a speed of a bow. Unfair and unbalanced. Until no random crits stat get in

one day…

trustinricks, devblog number ???

I’d like to see them made of PVC pipe.

we have ak, bolt, m249, camera, laptop so i need Compound Bow i want use bow as gun
a powerful faster bow maybe with sight
it would be so fantastic

Can we have Laser guns next please? i like them…

as kids we made bows out of the driveway markers, pretty bootleg rust style