Hunting for deer

It’s scenebuild. C&C Please!

Don’t you think that a deer would start running if someone were that close?

one moment and he start to run

DoF needed

No, I tried to use the DoF, but it was worse than without DoF

Dof and HDR would be awesome!

The deer hasn’t caught the mans scent yet so he uses his caller and the deer does that “almost hit by car” instinct where it stops like an idiot and just sits like a statue and boom hes dead.

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buck hunting is fun

aim above the shoulder!

HDR? What is it?

HDR is when you combine three pictures. One that is dark, one that is bright, and one that is normal. This way you can see all of the detail- the shadow, the bright parts (called highlights) more clearly, and a normal image to base it off of. It is a photography thing which basically means the image has more contrast, so it is darker and brighter at the same time.

So add contrast hahaha.

Ok. Thank you

Wow. Its really impressive at how much you’ve improved.