Hunting for sport (teaser comic)

Yeah I am not quite sure about the name of the comic yet, anyways here is the comic. Let me know what you think

2 grammar things which I can see

  1. Should be scum in the first panel, rather than scums
  2. Also i’m not entirely sure if this is a real grammatical rule, but don’t start a sentence with ‘and’

Other than that, very nice :excited:

Sweet, where you get that Katana from?

One of these scums , As in , One of these zombies. Due to there is more then one zombie and there is tank, boomer and such.

Also it’s a panel and he is allowed to start the panel with “and.”

  1. No scums is correct because it’s being used as a noun
  2. Technically you’re not supposed to start a sentence with ‘and’ but since this is a comic it’s okay.

Yeah imagine it’s a guy talking in a movie, the last panel he is finishing the sentence.
And thanks for the comments guys

looks great


I want sword model

Sword is from Dark messiah

I have Dark Messiah.I don’t know how rig models.Send it to ME!
Nice comic [2] by the way

Looks interesting, can’t wait to see more.

I was expecting a killing spree with the hunting rifle.

Doesn’t look bad though


:argh: I must get the dark messiah models

nice touch.

just extract them lol
i did

Shouldn’t be holding the katana like a wakizashi.
Grammatical fail!

Blood looks awful, i like the angry face-frame though :v:

This was made in early 2009…

Oh i only just noticed that… Well, what a surprise this was never made