Hunting gamemode request

Basically what i want is a gamemode with custom animal NPCs like: Rabbits, deers, wolves and bears and some kind of tool to pick up the ragdolls of the animals you’ve killed so you can take them to a shop where a NPC can buy it for you. With the money you get from selling the ragdoll you can buy better weapons, ammo, bait and such to hunt more dangerous animals like wolves and bears.

The gamemode would also need a NPC spawn system witch spawns NPCs randomly in the map so they can walk around and get killed. Another way to make the animals spawn randomly would simply be making custom maps.

The gamemode would probably need: lua coding (of course), modeling (for the animals and perhaps trees and bushes), mapping (randomly spawning NPCs and nodes). This would make a great gamemode if somebody would start working with it. It could even be a new RP or just a new job for RP.

I’ve always imagined something like this in Garry’s Mod. It seems to fit so perfectly.

The only problem I imagine is animal NPC’s. I would kill for wolf and bear NPC’s

I was thinking about a Finland mod quite similiar.
You are at a summerplace and hunt seaguls with air-guns.