"Hunting in the City of Death"

Anyone remember the series me and rickvice used to do, with the “CID” series, A post apocalyptic city, grass n’ shit, well im Reviving it, and here’s my character.
names: phil
he’s a drunkard punk, and lonely :frowning:


Remind me Borderlands

Nice picture anyway

hey thats my name i’m suing you for copyright infringement

its my name to PHILIP.
you have one L I have two!

Me likes.

It’s funny tho since we agree to revive it like 6 months ago then Angry Baby went into ingore rick mode.

No not the cute pigeon. :frowning:


Nice picture

It’s a pigeon mate :frowning:
And thanks ye

“We got a badass over here meme”


Haha, i scrolled, then i saw the badass guy, scrolling, more only to laugh when i see the pigeon.
Nice work on the posing.

lol poor pigeon, that’s so cruel dude