Hunting Mod OR Gamemode?

Well, I thought that a hunting mod would be pretty damn cool. Something like deer, elk, bears, and even moose as something you could hunt. Basically this; if it was a mod, you could perhaps spawn some animal NPCs and then go hunt them, but the AI would have to want to run the hell away from you and sometimes stop to maybe eat something on the ground when you are far away enough. However if it was a gamemode, I think it would be pretty cool to have a map or maps dedicated to it. A wide open, hilly, lightly forested (in most places), grassy landscape. For the animals, there could be a random generator for them to spawn on, so that you couldn’t just spawnrape deer. To keep it interesting, I was thinking perhaps a ranking system. The more animals you kill, the more points you get to unlocking a better weapon. For instance, if you killed a deer you would get 50 points, since it’s an easy kill and doesn’t attack you. However on a moose or bear, the NPC should try and rape you (IF you hurt it or “startled” it, otherwise make it run away), plus take a damn lot more to kill it. This way, if you killed a more aggressive animal, you would get a higher point count for it. After getting your kill, you “take” the body to a shack (or the human spawn area) for your points to be counted towards your rank. Weapons you could unlock are various sidearms and, of course, rifles. To prevent any faggotry, friendly fire would have to be off, as well as a low player count (something like 8-16? but that’s up to the server owner).

Yes yes, I know, it’s probably the biggest request on facepunch (I mean I think so anyway, you need animal models and NPCs, maps, gamemode, some LUA for rank and such) but this is pretty much just a QUESTION. Is it even possible? Or, has it already been made and I’m a total jackass? If it were possible, I think a mod AND a gamemode would be a good idea. A mod for anyone who wants to have a quick hunting game with friends, just exclude the rank and exclude the random generator, and add in some NPC spawnlists. Then a gamemode for anyone who wants to play it hardcore and get themselves a bigass rifle to go hunting moose with.

Sorry in advance if this has already been made, or is a totally retarded request. Just seemed like something that could be pretty cool if someone put their mind to it. Feel free to post any suggestions towards what it could be like. These are just my ideas on what it could be, but I’m sure you have some much better ideas.

Go play DeerHunter online.

I get the idea…But this is a gamemode that wouldn’t be any fun after 20 minutes… add more idea’s and I’m sure people would jump on it

and also…“Some LUA” more like…75% lua…

Well, the main issue is a lack of proper models. The closest thing I can think of are some bear ragdolls and the bird npcs. The map would be rather simple, a displacement the size of the grid with some obscuring brushes or whatever the brush is that manually does that ( hint brush? ), with a semi-dense forest placed through the fair amount of tree props, or something along those lines. Scripting would be rather simple. Some rifle weapons, large pistols ( models probably lifted from FPSB ), and a simple looting / inventory system as well as a hands weapon to drag or move stuff. I want to say someone was working on a hunting gamemode ages ago ( Hoffa? ) as well as the birdhunt map from gmod 9. Someone might still have that map, but I don’t know if it even still works.

I love the idea, there just aren’t enough resources to do it in my opinion.

Yeah. It’s possible, but unless there was an entire army of people dedicated to making it work, it probably wouldn’t happen. As for the models, would it be possible to edit the AI of the antlion(similar to a deer or medium sized animal), birds, and the antlion guard (similar to a larger animal, like a moose)? Maybe perhaps even some headcrab(lolsquirrel) edits. But still, your ideas are great, it’s just that like I said above, unless we’ve got a lot of people dedicated to it, it just isn’t happening, at least in my opinion.

Well this gamemode with the few ideas you have it’s not gonna be like some year long project… It’s just that what’s in it for the coder? admin on your server? noone wants to play your server… You need more people to be asking for this before motivation occurs =]

What’s in it for the coders that responded to and created the hundreds of other requests on here? Don’t need a reward. If you like the idea, you make it. If you don’t like the idea, you don’t make it. It’s as simple as that.

Ok, 2 days, no replies from people actually wanting to do this. What’s that say?

Probably not possible.
Even though source engine is awesome I don’t think it’s capable of the stealth systems found in splinter cell or crysis… And that stealth system is pretty much the basis of a hunting game, otherwise it’d be target practice.

If your in a certain radius then make the animal be alert of you…

After you said this aint gonna happen, you make a suggestion.


  • And I agree, it would be boring after 20 minutes or something.

It wouldn’t be that hard.
Use the CS:S weapons (with some exceptions).
Remake the antlion, headcrab, zombie with animal models.
And use a larger version of de_forest (

Making the new animal models would take the longest. but 2/3 modellers could probably do it.

But I do agree with the others. 20 minutes later it might get boring. Think up some new idea’s and try again.

I made a suggestion because i didn’t want to be that one asshole every thread has lol. Also because the guy above that post said it’s not possible

Got an idea, how about treestands? Apart from weapons being unlocked in the rank system, you could unlock a treestand. I don’t know what the model would be, maybe a simple PHX contraption or a custom model, but you could walk up to a tree and have a treestand ghosted into your view so that you can position it wherever you’d like. I was also thinking maybe feeders? Place down a feeder, like the treestand it would have a ghost, and then animals would be drawn to it.

As far as the models go, it wouldn’t be totally necessary. Thankfully, Valve pretty much included all the models you would need. Antlion, Antlion guard, headcrabs, birds. Models and materials would only be needed if you wanted it to look awesome, instead of just plain old HL2 models. And like c-unit said, you wouldn’t need the player to have a cloak of some sort, just have the animal have a radius. The radius is affected when you fire off a shot. If it’s unaware, you can get pretty close to it. If you fire a shot then try to come towards it, it would run like hell. But then again, I don’t know if such an extensive edit of Source’s AI is possible.

Yeah their some good idea’s. like the tree-hut thing.
also have it so that if you crouch in a bush for a certain amount of time you become invisible.
might not work but its worth a shot.

I’m sure that, you could Draw a timer a timer on the side, but this is just getting more complicated.