hunting NPC spawners?

So I find a nice map I like that doesn’t have zombie spawnpoints but does have reasonable move nodes. Is there a tool to make zombies (or any npcs) spawn and then automaticly begin hunting you or other players even from accross the map?

I noticed on some maps like construct combine elite will do this on their own. I’m looking to accomplish this on a custom map with zombies and fast zombies. I also have an NPC called The Horror which would be great for this kind of tool. Does such a tool exist? I scanned briefly but didn’t see anything.

Gm_construct had nodes in it, making NPCs do all kinds of stuff.

yeah, I figured as much, nonetheless I would love it if NPCs could at least make an attempt to seek out a player on a map, even if its not necessarily “node quality” tracking. I do know that the custom NPC The Horror is always hunting something as long as it has a streight-line path to the target. Basicly I’m trying to play zombie survival with custom NPCs and still with my tool/physguns

Try this addon: