Hunting requests

I was wondering if anyone could make like a hunting map.
and maybe deer and quail npcs?

I couldn’t find anything like that on

Pigeons just aren’t good enough, they fly the same way, straight up, then they fall down, then back up.

too easy.

We need deer, and maybe moose.
ffs… a bear can be made, then rigged onto a Antlion Guard skeleton.
Deer… put it on… bugs… XD idk… they run away from you…
and same with the moose… idk… I’m trying to improvise a bit… it’s tough.

Do want.

K, there is a Bear… Someone can figure out how to rig it… I don’t know how… I found a nice map for hunting as well!

Bear Model: Link
Forest Map: Link OR Link

hey guys i know a guy whos making a deer snpc that moves around and crap and hes making a bear snpc to but i dont got the link to the pics :slight_smile:

the deer are from Oblivion, as far as I know…

and there is a rabbit in the background. XD