Hunting Rifles?

Hunting Rifles!

That would be really cool and I think it would appeal more to people who hunt. (Me)

Would have to include…

- Heartbeat and breath movement
- A variety of scopes
- A stability factor
- Upgrades possibly? (damage, ammo capacity, scope zoom, better stability)

This would make my day :smiley:

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Ok let me rephrase this, maybe like a high powered single shot gun rifle. Is that better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heartbeat detector, upgrades

jesus, this isn’t Call of Duty dude

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that doesn’t even slightly fit either

Maybe heat detectors and UAV’s aswell?

maybe we should also add gold guns, achievements as well, and clan tags

also, ‘logo’ customization + gun dlc

also, boobies and dubstep

Now we are talking.

Snipers, or anything with long ranged scopes would completely ruin the game. It will turn exactly into DayZ, in which you’ll get sniped by someone no matter where you are. It would just increase senseless killing.

As for the attachments… like J!NX said, this isn’t Call of Duty. Weapons in this game are supposed to be post-apocalyptic, pretty much handmade. High grade military upgrades and attachments completely ruin the setting and gameplay. The military weapons in this game might not even be in the final version.

I for one if I had sniper rifles know that I would abuse the living shit out of them

now just imagine me with the mindset of trolling the shit out of people.

I would really like high powered rifles that are 2 - 3 shot kills on people. Definitely not like an assault rifle or sniper. But more like this:

And you could craft sights for it. Holo, 4x, 6x.

What do you think?

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I’m not saying like COD I hate that game

a hunting rifle is a good idea but it should NOT have any modification or upgrade (in my opinion the only decent upgrade for this weapon would be a scope)! It should be like a ameliorated version of the waterpipe cannon.

Upgrades like damage, ammo, recoil, and heartbeat detectors are literally the key thing in CoD

this isn’t a matter of if call of duty is good or not… its a matter that it only fits on CoD, and this isn’t CoD.

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Literally I’m not talking of Call of Duty, just some thoughts

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:slight_smile: I like how you think that’s what they should add thanks for reiterating my point buddy

this plz

Well sure, whatever floats your boat.

Goddamnit guys. They are adding a Hunting rifle. Does anyone even follow the Trello?

That, without any scope, just iron sights, would be perfect.

Yeah that’s great like the idea

this would be cool!

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we would also need like wodden binoculars that are made with wood and glass and make the glass lootable only

This would probably be better…

While we’re at it. Why not add this aswell?