Huntsman Tf2

Hay just asking is anyone working on the new team fortress weapons the “huntsman” the bow for the sniper? it would be a cool weapon to have for gmod.

It’s already in gmod, click browse and go into tf2/weapons.

SWEP form numpty :downs:

You will need to ask the Lua forum to make this, I suggest making a request thread.

It won’t work though, seen as no-one has successfully made a c_model swep, because valve make things fucking complicated…

Oh yeah, I forgot they used c_*. Why did VALVe have to fuck with shit.

I haven’t even been able to send animations to “arms” c_models used as viewmodels (even with the new activity names). I guess there are a few benefits to the new system, though. (This is strictly speaking in terms of modifications to TF2 only, not backwards compatibility with GMod, etc)

-It’s easier for modders to replace weapon models, since they don’t need separate compiles for both view and world models, and they only have to really compile it as a physics prop with bones. Viewmodel compiling can get very confusing. Plus, v_models are currently impossible to recompile with intact animations without using a workaround involving $includemodel.

-Working backwards from that notion, it is possible to replace class’ arms with only one recompiled model. Of course, this only applies to the new c_model-based weapons.

-New weapon replacement models that are released do not include the arms, and thus are more efficient in file-size while not re-releasing Valve’s content, and are compatible with any arm modifications.

-Using one model for both view and world models saves file size. This doesn’t seem like a huge problem for PC players, but it makes updating less of a pain on console versions.

Plus, it’s fun to experiment with screwed-up class animations for various weapons in HLMV using “Load weapon”. :v: