"Hurry it up, Miss Croft."

“Hurry it up, Miss Croft, Mr. Rutland is getting very impatient.”

“Translating this would be simpler if it wasn’t written in a dead language. What exactly does a US senator need with an ancient scroll, anyway?”

“That’s strictly on the need-to-know.”


I tried using Photoshop to simulate depth of field. Not exactly happy with the way it turned out, but I didn’t feel like setting the scene back up again to try it again. And yes, the scroll is actuallly in english, I didn’t feel like editing it out…

the jaggies in Lara’s hair are a little distracting.

this is like 200% less creepy than i expected

He is back.

Never thought you’d come back.

Nice picture but everything looks kinda low-res are your graphics maxed?

Yeah, they’re maxed, but some of the props are low-res.

hmm … you managed to get the casual lara with her hands fixed?

Upon closer inspection, it looks like photoshop blurring to me.

Yeah, I forgot to point that out, I put blurred the sharp edges on her hands. There’s nothing else I can do about them.

Link to Lara Croft models?


Sure. I’m having a hard time finding that casual Lara model that I used in this picture, though, give me some time to look for it. You’ll find the regualr jungle shorts, diving suits, Doppleganger, and Amanda in both her outfits in these packs.


Also, this thread has a bunch of the props and weapons ported from Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Thanks a ton!

Wow! Excellent!

Thanks. I’m thinking about doing more Tomb Raider shots in future.