HUrry up and change ladders back or give us something

All people are doing now is blowing ur foundations away until ur base is nothing. and Building 10,000,000 High External Stone walls. So lets see some ladders back or something I honestly don’t even know why you took them away…ruined the game.

If you think that removing one feature in an alpha ruined the game you’re gonna continuously be upset. Besides better to blow up your base entirely than climb in with a ladder and fill it with blocks so it’s unusable and takes up room having to decay


The gall that some people have thinking they can come to a developer’s forums and talk like a typical internet asshole that they have grown used to being…

OP I suggest you learn some manners.

So you’re saying people have enough explosives to blow up multiple foundations, but they don’t have enough to get past HESW’s? And the fix for this is to provide ladders so they can get more easily without having to use the explosives they apparently have too much of already?

Sounds like your foundations are too high.

thanks, bye

You know, this is the kind of knee-jerk response that is just as useless as the people who post rage threads in the first place. Get over yourself, dude. People are allowed to come here and talk about things they don’t like. I’d go so far as to say that’s the main reason why these forums exist.

Now, I don’t agree (at all) with the OP’s point. But I don’t see anything seriously wrong with the way he posted his dislike of a change that was made. Sure, there’s a bit too much hyperbole and he’s a bit light on supporting evidence - but he didn’t swear, threaten to leave, or lay down personal attacks.

What excuse do you have for YOUR nonconstructive, personal attack post?

imo, it was more the entitled nature of the post than any inappropriate language. People make accounts on the forums all the time demanding shit that they feel should be required in the game, and fraktal seems to be one of them.

Its just a rage post. people are going to the tactic of blowing all ur foundations because u cant climb on anything anymore. so why bother. blow the whole base down. no strategy in raiding at all. and I feel its because of the ladder block. Thats all the game is about is raiding…so why ruin it with ladder block.

Its also negative the other way around. Everybody makes a huge base. I’m mostly a solo player. I can no longer go and ninja raid somebody by finding a weak point and going in from the top/side or whereever it may be. Nope im forced to just the front door. or go through some crazy high hp walls and start popping foundations because u cant climb up even 1 story.

I have to say I enjoyed raiding with ladders but now I’m not missing them a lot. If you made somebody blow away your whole house he certainly got less than he invested. Somebody probably got really angry at you.
If you blow the foundations, most of the loot in the boxes some stories higher won’t even spawn. (last tested 6-8 weeks ago) So just blowing the foundations will server only one cause - destroying the house.
Either you built too close to somebody, or somebody got pissed for whatever reason.

Just another person to get to the 2nd level or make a jump tower.

Dont say us when is your silly little opinion

I still don’t understand wtf we’re talking about. Cupboards were changed so that you can’t make a disposable elevator base anymore. If you have the C4 to blow all the foundations, you have the C4 to access the ground-level cupboards and proceed to RAID the base from bottom up. Using ladders if you want to.

If the person raiding you has enough explosives to level your house to the foundations, you can do one of two things:

  1. stop living in a 2x2 tower, it’s vulnerable to stability attacks
  2. stop playing on modded X5 resource servers, which is the only place where people have enough C4 to level a medium-sized base to its foundations simply out of spite.