"Hurry up and load that thing!" EDF Assaulting the Queen

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http://gametechmods.com/../uploads/images/13832EDF Takedown Attempt.jpg

Editing: SN / AaronM202
Posing: ME


Alternate not-so-awesome angle:

C&C Appreciated.

Hahaha what the hell is this.

The blood needs work.

A lot of work.

Forgot the original in OP. It’s in now.

Use DOF, not the blur tool.

I was expecting a tactical assault on the British monarchy.
I am saddened.

Could use some edited texture work on that wasp, anything to make it look less low res.

haha!! i loved that game!
anyways, were did you get that model? did you make it?

Which model? There are a few in this picture.

Good idea, bad exicution, boost up your graphics a bit and use not-so bad looking models and you will be on your way.

Graphics was one full. It was probably just that low res ant model. It came from a wii game…I think. Anyways, I’ll find better models.

whats that red stuff? are they shooting paintballs at it?