"Hurry Up! This Helicopter Can't Wait All Day!"


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_nomercy_roof0004.jpg

Used Photoshop CS5, AA, blur tool.
And yes I know Zoey’s hair is noclipping through Louis’ arm. I’m not really good with photoshoping hair.

intense photoshopping going on right here, fellas

Cast needs to be darker

The lighting is just too flat and bright. It doesn’t look like night at all.

Phong aliasing and texture tearing are hard to ignore.

Whos flying the chopper?

I agree with this. The posing is solid, no need to change that, but the little things like aliasing are poking at the overall quality. The lighting looks…like default Source lighting. I’d recommend you use lamps and edit in PS afterwards.

Also, Chesty, I always do a double-take when I realize your avatar is animated.

Why is it fullbright?

I hope I made it better, not worse.


Zoey injured? Sorry, just something i wanted to know. Or Louis? But i like it.

Thanks. I’m just not that good with photoshop yet.

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No Louis is injured. She’s just helping him to the helicopter.

Well, atleast its L4D.

You didnt even bother isolating did you?

Oh shit, I just did a similar concept! http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1022757-Dead-Reckoning

I wish I had knew about this before I started. Nice work, thou.

Ha it’s alright. And nice work for you too.

Isolating which part? I did that one real quick, like under 15 secs.

I am.

Zoey’s hair be clipping.