"Hurt" + Bonus

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I usually dont want to nag about it, but the lens flare looks bad. posing is pretty good

His face makes it painful to like the picture

Whats wrong with lens flare?

95% of the times people uses lens flare wrong and 99% facepunchers hate lens flares.

Also, epic song, I like this version better than Trent’s, even tho he made the song, its just awesome how it fits J.C.

Nice posing btw.

Shiny guitar is shiny. The faceposing doesn’t really fit, neither does the buggy. But I like the posing and the scenebuild. Music also fits. I have nothing against the lens flare, I just feel it doesn’t fit in the picture itself.

Nice posing, pretty cool stuff.

The predator one is not bad, but the edit could’ve been better : actually it more looks like he has been shot with some plasma thing and has holes in his body, more than a real cloak desactivation.

why do people always say lens flare is bad, this one is pretty good
posing looks a little off but shading looks quite nice
although there are some AA problems

Thanks for all the input guys.