Hurting, without somebody to care.

And I yearn for someone to…
Song: Johnny Cash-Hurt

This is a first serious edit for me. Please, C&C is appreciated.

I really like the DOF. The posing’s solid overall. He could be leaning into the injury, looking more slumped, and having atleat one of his arms huddled on or near it. His expression should be more tensed up since he’s in pain. Nice scenery and angle overall.

The editing is okay, but it looks out of place. The blood coming from the wound looks more like red powder. Atleast there’s enough to tell he’s been shot, but in my opinion there should be an amount closer to reality. IE a large soaked area, some spray around it, blood pouring out from the wound down his clothes, et cetera. Gunshot wounds bleed alot.

It’s obvious he was shot… Right? It kinda looks like a knife wound, but could really go either way. Blood needs work. If it was a bullet wound, it should probably be more fluid. Or at least made to look like it’s underneath the clothes instead of atop the blue.

I don’t see where you get that idea; Knife wounds are much more slitted. If he got slashed, then he would have a huge split in all layers of his clothing and a nice big deep gash.

This needs more zombies.
The picture is still good though, could be even better with Zombies.

Thanks for the C&C Leon. Yeah I was shooting for he was shot blood still seeping through the cloths, But yeah By the time he would of slumped over the wound would be very soaked.

Add less zombies :v:

This picture makes him look fat.

Haha, anyways, this is pretty good editing, but the pose is a little awkward, GLFN!