HurtSounds is Garry’s mod addon that makes players yell those Half-Life 2’s “painful” sounds when they get hurt.

Everyone on the server can have their personal settings, so everyone can have different voices.

Other players can hear when you yell.

Players can choose from 7 Default soundpacks

HurtSounds also support Custom Sounds. They are sent to all clients when they join to the server.

HurtSounds is mainly Serverside, but also has Clientside components: the setting menus of which we have some screenshots below.

Server settings include
[li]“Enable” Checkbox for enabling or disabling the mod
[/li][li]“Fun Mode” Checkbox for enabling or disabling the fun mode where every prop will start keeping sounds whe they get damaged
[/li][li]“Disable Default Death Sound” Checkbox for disabling the “beeb beeb” sound when you die
[/li][li]“Minimum Damage needed to trigger sound” Slider for setting the damabe that is needed to make player react to damage

Client settings include
[li]“Disable custom sounds” Checkbox for Choosing not to use custom sounds
[/li][li]“Disable Default HL2 sounds” Checkbox for choosing not to use default sounds
[/li][li]“Pitch” Slider for choosing how high or low your voice is
[/li][li]“Default Soundpack” Dropdown for choosing your soundpack

HurtSounds is made by LaaZa or me.

Download from:

from MY site:

also you can contact me from there

Thank you:dance:


I find this useful.


Good job sir. Tourette’s Guy qoutes are fun to use with this.


Awesome!!! I never thought of this!

Next release you might want to consider having a “Play” button underneath the custom sounds, so you can test them before you select them.

well yeah but you cant actually select them just disable or enable all

It’s another one of those addons that isnt needed for anything. But this one is cool, just like others that I specify under that genre.

Downloading now.

Could someone do a soundpack for this or something?

Rated useful.

Wait what, another hurt sounds mod?

Shit, I didn’t see this one when I released mine. :byodood:

Damn , when I die , sound is always Women , anyone knows how to fix it?

I might make a tourettes guy sound pack.

I have all of the sounds, but will any of you be okay with it if they were HLDJ-quality sounds?

where is it? I’d like to see it.


Hmmm I’ll need to check if its a bug. tho theres no reason why it would be female and not male because male is default not female…

There it is.

P.S. Someone’s claiming that I took your code and edited it, even though I made my Pain Sounds addon 3 months ago, but didn’t want to release it until now, AND I never downloaded this mod.

Yeah, it doesn’t even look like mine. Also you could get much more downloads if you add some pictures.

I finished a tourette’s guy sound pack, and it’s up for download now.

Here you go.

Nah, the recent downloads didn’t work when I uploaded it, and pictures wouldn’t describe anything, besides, I’ve got a video up. :v:

I tested it and it worked as it should… so I have no idea how to fix this(conflicting addon maybe).

This looks awesome.
I’m gunna import touretts guy sounds to my deaths