Hushed Jungle


Cool scene, the lighting is a bit odd though. Shaded areas are very dark, you don’t seem to have used dim lights to mimic light bouncing off the ground/clothes/etc. It’s a subtle, often annoying effect, but it can make a big difference. Here it almost looks like the image was taken with flash.

Posing/composition is sexy.

oh hey you finished

a scene with a dense jungle and no shadows from trees. that’s a mood killer

the colors don’t really make sense imo. i mean i’m not really one to talk about that, but light blue + jungle setting = bizarre headache-y coloration imho

Meh. I think the Asari is posed oddly. Why would you want to hold your gun like that while walking? It just looks weird is all. Same as everyone else has said about colors lights and stuff, the lighting seems off and there are no shadows from the trees.

well I admit, I’ve made one too many errors in hindsight. I’ll chock up my mistakes next time, thanks

Hell yeah

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Good to see creativity is still alive!

Very excellent looking scene :slight_smile:

The colors are so… wonky and the pure-white sky just makes it look false and cheap.

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Why are the soldiers so vivid and colorful when the background has muted colors? There’s no real color direction at all, and the usage of multiple characters from different games makes it seem so… fake.